I can’t make this stuff up…I’m not that creative.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Chao (had his own) and Wang (near the end of Bojing’s). Well, I’m happy to report that they’ve appeared again. I was so excited, too, because come on: they’re just morons.

Wang Chan Lee

Remember him? Well, I was scrolling through my WeChat conversations a few weeks ago and notice dear Wang changed his profile picture. Like a bitch (these guys deserve it), I messaged him to compliment the picture. Not long after, he messaged back asking who I was. I laughed. I responded that we met on Tinder. Then, he asked how I had been. I did not mention that I knew he was full of shit—I wanted to see how far he went with this; plus, this blog rests on the shoulders of scammers like him.


The next day, he told me that he had thought of me often and had feelings for me, but I obviously didn’t feel the same for him. Ridiculous. I asked him about his house arrest and if he had gotten it sorted out. He had and was now in Istanbul.

It took a few days, but Wang works relatively fast compared to the other scammers. He said he had told me of his issue; I told him I knew about the house arrest but that was it. Apparently there was more. He told me he was there to settle some issues regarding…(wait for it…)…


Does it get any better? He asked if I could let him borrow some funds, and until he paid compensation, he could not leave the country. A coworker suggested I perhaps tell him I could hold a fundraiser for the victims and that would probably take care of the compensation. But no, he said it was being privately handled.

He just needed 4,000USD. Just? I was assured I would be given a refund the moment he was back in the UK. I told him I’d see what I could do since that was less than what I get paid a month. His reply? “I understand love”. I nearly threw up when he used that word. How sad is it that these men use the word “love” in an attempt to snare a girl that so desperately wants it? It is even sadder that it has probably worked before and that’s why they continue to do it.


He sent the account information. The account was in the name of a Karen Paula. I asked about who she was; Wang told me she was the head of operation for safety. He, of course, couldn’t transfer the money from his account because he left his “token” (he told me it was a bank transfer device for internet banking).

I was able to hold off anymore questioning from Wang and the fund transfer for a couple of days. In the meantime, he sent me a few messages to see how I was. I’m sure he was waiting to hear about the transfer. I just never brought it up. Finally, he told me that he was going to be placed on house arrest again if he didn’t get the amount he owed. He asked me again to help him with the fee so he could leave.

The next day, I told him I couldn’t find the money and I hope he found a miracle. He informed me he knew I would say this, that it was his birthday, and a lady helped him out. And that’s it, haven’t heard from him since.


Oh, Chao

So, the last we saw of Chao, he asked me to find out about a house in Shenzhen. He gave me a price point. I “found” one and asked him his thoughts, only to not hear back from him.

Well, I have heard back.

Unfortunately, poor Chao was busy trying to settle something out of Hong Kong—he had not received payment from the company he was currently working with. Not shocking, really. I asked again about how he wanted me to proceed with the house. I was told he’d get back to me soon. A few days later, he was still trying to settle something and that was why he had not gotten back to me. He used a few niceties (How are you? How have you been?). I asked what he was still trying to settle: a payment. Then he asked me if I knew anyone in the US who could receive a payment for him. Now, I was pretty sure that was a misuse of words. I asked for clarification.

He was really asking for someone to send a payment to his partners in Dubai so the work there could continue. It was difficult since he was going to Australia (Sydney) in a few weeks and won’t be available for a while. Convenient, eh?

I asked about why he wasn’t able to take care of this payment—he wasn’t in the UK and therefore unable to access his account. I told him I didn’t think I could help. And the moron had the balls to ask me what my fears were…I let him have it then. He must have ignored my perfectly constructed answer because I didn’t hear back until I messaged him about Mr. Hero coming to Dubai. Chao then answered me. He actually said he would love to hang out with him when he gets there. Chao even sent me his WhatsApp number for Mr. Hero, who has tried to call him but doesn’t get any answer.

And actually, during the time I have been sitting here writing this, good ole Chao has messaged me. I can’t wait to see what his problem is now!

It all entertains me so.

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