Mike…Record Time

This scammer was short lived (the kind I prefer); actually, he took less than two weeks to ask for the money. This was a record for me so far. He was an architect working in Milan, Italy. He was decently charming and didn’t use those ridiculous terms of endearment (you know the ones…baby, dear, honey) like the others did profusely. Within the first few days, he was quite insistent on making sure I was single. He also wanted to find out about “anything searchable”…any past relationships, family, work. I kept it simple.


He then wanted to share that his past wife cheated on him. Those scammers, always with stories that make you feel sorry for them. He attempted to ask more questions for a chance to get to know me more. He also shared a few details about himself…he owned his architecture company (a registered firm according to him) and supply company. He contracted his work out.

Miketinderprofile3Of course, then he tossed in another heartstring pulling story…he lost his parents when he was 4 years old. His father’s best friend took him in and raised him. He assured me his life had not been easy.

He liked me. He said he thought I was pretty and asked about my profile picture. It was almost like he was trying to sell himself to me…or at least, he tried to. He wasn’t as off-putting as some of the other scammers. His messages were usually asking me about what I was doing or what I was eating or how work was.


It took less than two weeks for Mike to tell me he wasn’t doing well. The Italian government seized some of his goods he needed to finish a build. He even sent a picture of the document (please notice the dates). He only needed £500 to claim the materials. He said he didn’t want to ask me for it because he didn’t have enough courage to.

I will admit, I totally lied and told him I was saving that amount to pay for my brother’s eye surgery so he could see again. For those that know my brother, please know, he’s totally okay; I just wanted to see what Mike said. He was sorry about the illness, but then proceeded to give me the Western Union details. The money was being sent to a Mimi Henry. I questioned who Henry or Mimi was, and Mike told me that she was on his staff. He was new to Italy and did not have any Western Union details.


I asked Mike, then, about the dates on the form he sent me the picture of from the government. He made up some ridiculous story (please see screenshot below). He told me I could call the custom authority if I wanted to. I asked him for the number but then he told me he didn’t have one.

His friends didn’t have any questions about it so why should I? Unfortunately after a few more questions, Mike became very defensive. He kept telling me I could call the government and that I was making jest of him. I asked him for an address and the moron sent me one in Naples, Florida. I asked about the address; I said he kept talking about Italy so why was he sending an address in Florida. The idiot kept acting like I didn’t know what I was talking about until I sent him a screen shot of the address. He replied, “Shit, that my home address.” Priceless.

I told him then that I like to write about the scammers I meet on Tinder. He did say sorry at that point.


And that was the end of Mike.

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